App that supports remote control of a computer

  • Category IOT
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.4
  • Size 42 KB
  • Works under: Android
  • Package name com.joshsera
  • Program by Joshua Sera

Control your PC or Mac desktop or laptop from your Android smartphone or tablet with the RemoteDroid app.

RemoteDroid is an Android app that lets you control your Mac or PC laptop or desktop from practically any Android device, including smartphones and tablets. It does require a bit of configuration, which we’ll talk more about in the conclusion, but it just works and it works well. Picture being able to use your phone to access your workstation while traveling or from home. If you have an HTPC, you can use the app to change TV programs, launch games, play, pause, resume and so forth.

When you connect to your PC or Mac, the screen on your computer is mirrored to your Android device, and you can use the touchscreen as you would a mouse. Create files and edit them, install and configure programs and even move items from your computer to your Android. If you have a crowded desktop, they can be quite cluttered on a small smartphone screen, for instance, but even then, the controls are impressively precise. This process does require an Internet connection, of course, but not a lot of bandwidth, and even a spotty connection should be enough to facilitate this service.

RemoteDroid is a powerful platform for remote access to your PC or Mac, and with that, comes some setup requirements for your particular configuration. You must, for instance, download, install and configure the server software on each PC and Mac that you want to control. Taking the time to set this up will certainly pay dividends over the long-term if you use the app regularly.


  • Stable operation
  • Easy to use once configured
  • Strong online help


  • Setup can be involved